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Project Details
  • Title: Rapid Preclinical Development of a Targeted Therapy Combination for DIPG
  • Date Proposed: 01/30/2012
  • Amount Requested: $229,000.00
  • Amount we Paid: $229,000.00
  • Paid Date: 12/01/2011
  • Stauts: Funded - and in progress!
  • Research name: Dr. Charles Keller
  • Hospital: Oregon Health and Science University
  • Grey Ribbon Crusade Participants:
    • Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
    • Cure Starts Now
  • Simple Description: Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, along with three other organizations -- CureSearch for Children's Cancer, The Cure Starts Now Foundation and The Lyla Nsouli Foundation for Children's Brain Cancer Research -- co-funded groundbreaking research aimed at dramatically improving the lives of children suffering from DIPG - one of the most devastating pediatric cancers. The $229,000 in funding supports the work of the DIPG Preclinical Consortium, the only international scientific group focused on preclinical development of targeted therapy combinations for DIPG.