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Project Details
  • Title: A placebo-controlled in vivo study investigating the effects of Ruta 6/Calc Phos on tumor growth and survival in rats
  • Date Proposed: 06/21/2008
  • Amount Requested: $10,000.00
  • Amount we Paid: $10,000.00
  • Paid Date: 07/21/2008
  • Stauts: Funded - waiting to begin!
  • Research name: Peter Canoll, MD
  • Hospital: Bartoli Brain Tumor Research Laboratory, Irving Cancer Research Center , Columbia University Medical Center
  • Grey Ribbon Crusade Participants:
    • Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc
    • The Nick Gonzales Foundation for Brain Tumor Research
    • Unlocking Brain Tumors, Inc
  • Simple Description: Ruta-6 is the ost popular homeopathic treatment for brain tumors. In our institution, about 70% of children diagnosed with a braintumor will try it.

    One in vitro study investigated the effects of Ruta 6/Calc Phos in Human MGR1 glioma cancer cells. The investigators found that Ruta, 1) Induces severe telomere erosion in MGR1 brain cancer cells, 2) Cytotoxic effects appear to be mediated through the loss of telomeric DNA, followed by arrest of cells in the G2/M phase, induction of endomitosis and fragmentation of DNA, leading to cell death, and 3) The effects appear to be dose- and duration-dependent. The same group of investigators reported the results of a case series of fifteen patients (10 -65 years old) diagnosed with brain tumors who had supplemented with Ruta 6/ Calc Phos. The use of the homeopathic combination was associated with improvements in survival as compared to historical controls among 7 of 15 patients were diagnosed with glioblastoma Six of these seven patients showed complete regression.

    Thus, there is an urgent need for additional preclinical and clinical studies to further explore the effects of Ruta 6/Calc Phos and provide scientific evidence for health care providers to advise patients on this popular regimen